Fevered Mutterings is about having weird, exciting, outdoorsy adventures without giving up your day job - and about making it as a self-employed online writer without losing your mind. 
  • Feeling like you want to understand the Great Outdoors (and the Middling-Sized Outdoors and the Pathetically Small Outdoors) in a more meaningful way - and want to learn how to enjoy it more often?
  • Want to open your eyes a bit wider and see more of the world that's right outside your window?
  • Want to learn how to tell and sell great stories, in and around your blog, without burning out, selling out or giving up?
  • Want to sleep outside in nothing but a brightly-coloured sack and have people point and laugh at you? (It's called bivvy bagging. Trust me - it's awesome.)
They're all my thing. And I'd be delighted to show you how I do them.

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