You're probably just as sick of that word as I am, thanks to a glut of empty-speak on the subject recently. It's rapidly becoming the Internet's no. 1 online marketing buzzword. It has been hijacked - and we want it back

"You need to tell stories!" No shit, Sherlock - but how? What practical advice can bloggers use? What makes a good story good - and how can it be applied? What makes readers care? Exactly how can you make a story that sinks its hooks into someone so they'd follow it to the ends of the earth?

It's amazing (and depressing) how many so-called "gurus" duck these questions.

It's also a tragedy. Storytelling is a simple, practical toolkit for making people care, and it's certainly not new. It's a component in every venture that successfully hooks huge numbers of people, we've all got 2,000+ years of lessons to re-learn . . . and yet the vast majority of online stories are broken. Especially when it comes to blogs. 95% of blogs fail - and in too many cases, it's down to the stories that drive them.

In this free e-mail course, I'll help you to think about the stories that can build a loyal, passionate tribe of readers that will return again and again - and the ones that will drive them away and run your blog or business into the ground.

For the next  5 days you'll get an introduction to the topic - and then (still for free!) you'll get a series of detailed breakdowns of the storytelling elements used by the most successful bloggers to build and keep their audiences - two episodes a week, for the next five weeks. 

We'll talk about trust and traffic, quests and serials. We'll geek out over modern TV shows, for reasons that may surprise you. We'll talk about what blogs are really for, we'll ask what John Steinbeck and Commander Chris Hadfield have to teach us about stories we can feel - and I'll tell you about one of the most excruciatingly awkward moments of my working life.
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